Sick of this bull shit

All I do is try to be friends. try to hang out and maybe start talking. but every fucking time its the same thing. We’re cool for a few weeks and then it’s like you fall off the face of the earth. the past 4 people i’ve tried to talk to have done this to me. I’m sick of all the bull shit. I’m done trying. 

fuck you personal done

Fuck this..

Should I just expect to be disappointed by everyone that I try to talk to? I’m sick of people telling me they want to start talking but then never put in the effort to actually get a hold of me.. Ya, fuckin done with this shit.

growup personal

He broke your heart, yet you were the one that broke up with him. You sent me a message awhile back telling me to stay away from your man. Well guess what. He’s still one of my best friends. Quit telling him lies about me (who you have NO personal knowledge about) and quit hurting him. You’ve put him through enough hell already.

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Gotta get this out..

This has been on my mind for awhile now. If you are in a relationship but don’t see yourself being able to marry or have kids with them, is it right to be in a relationship with them in the first place?

personal answer

First crush..

I’m not supposed to feel this way. Not now. You don’t want me that way. And if you do it’s only because you are drunk. You don’t like me like I like you. It sucks. Because you are amazing. And I would make the drive to see you if you said you wanted what I want. I’ve never been myself around anyone like I am with you baby girl. I never knew I could feel this way about a friend like you. You were the one to tell me to be myself. You’re so understanding. You wanted me to be myself. Be comfortable with myself. Me. It’s still hard. Especially since you’re not around. I miss you so much. We grew close and grew apart just as fast. Come back to me.

personal first crush