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With you

It’s amazing what you’re doing. I couldn’t be more proud. Sitting here thinking about all the memories makes me wonder what the future holds. For both of us really..Always the best of course.

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It’s amazing how attached you can get to something without it even entering your life yet.. I pray Colie and Dan get another chance. They were so happy. Can’t believe this happened..

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Moving on

I just want to know if I got into the program so I know if I’m staying here or starting a whole new life in another state.. I think I need a new start.. or new different people in my life

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I hope you see this..

It’s rather sad how much I miss you and want to be with you. Your company, your smile, the way you make me grin to the point my cheeks hurt. You say I give you that look that makes you want to kiss me.. So why put it off? Give in to it. Trust me, I wouldn’t mind a bit. How could we go from meeting and being extremely close to a text every now and then? I hate it. We have very different views on things but enjoy each others company. I just can’t get you off my mind..

"You don’t have to keep me fallin like this, but it’d sure be cool if you did."

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True story

So I was freaking out about telling my mom that I’m bi and have a girlfriend. After I finally tell her and I give her a hug she says, “I love you no matter if you’re straight, gay, confused, or … did you go out drinking last night?” haha! HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders today :)

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Sick of this bull shit

All I do is try to be friends. try to hang out and maybe start talking. but every fucking time its the same thing. We’re cool for a few weeks and then it’s like you fall off the face of the earth. the past 4 people i’ve tried to talk to have done this to me. I’m sick of all the bull shit. I’m done trying. 

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Fuck this..

Should I just expect to be disappointed by everyone that I try to talk to? I’m sick of people telling me they want to start talking but then never put in the effort to actually get a hold of me.. Ya, fuckin done with this shit.

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How do I tell someone

I can’t do this because I’m in love with someone else?

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